Matsuo is a wedding fashion company. We have been in this business for more than 40 years. With our distribution network throughout Japan. We hope our know-how and knowledge from our long-time marketing experiences can serve Japanese wedding fashion retailers as well as those of you who would like to do business in Japanese wedding fashion market.

Our Philosophy

Art du Mariage
Expanding customers' dreams by our innovation

Our Mission

Maximize our customers' value by supplying the most valuable products and services, delivering in the most efficient way

Matsuo Spirit

Love and Innovation

Matsuo Way

  Creative in way we work
  Care our customers, our co-workers, and our ptoducts
  Change before everyone else change
  Challenge for innovations
  Carry-out your idea now
  Crazy ideas

Three Arrows (COR)

     We divide our business into three areas. They are creation, operation, and relation. We would like to be an excellentby each 3 areas pursuing their own unique excellences. We serve our vustomers as not only a fashion manufacture and a distributor but also as a business partner.

Be most creation in new product developments and market creations.

Be best in the quality and fastest in a supply chain operation.

Build the best customers relationship offering them s total retail solutions.

Our Core Business

The Fashion Coutureater ( couture creator of the time )

     We are the producer of both wedding dress and man's ceremony suites. In men's wear business, we have more than 50% of market share in Japan. In wedding dress business, our business is growing fastest among Japanese wedding dress producers especially in such an area which requires fashion and artistic creativities.

The Marketing Distributor

     We distribute various import brands. We have been creating the market for foreign suppliers for a decade. We don't just import products like other agents but we think our important role is to establish brands' long-term marketing foundation in Japanese market. Matsuo well be the marketing partner in stead of just agent once we start our business.

The Business Select Shop

     The Business Select Shop is our new business concept which we provide our customers various business function especially for shop's esthetic and business subjects and problems. Now we provide services such as fashion shows, seminars, AD for shops' promotional items and more. This is the new area that we concern, since "total retail solution company" is our company's future image.